Welcome to my Basketball and Sneakers blog.



This blog started January 2012 as a personal blog that talks about technology, video games, pop culture and me but I decided to make this a one niche blog, a basketball and sneakers blog. Why? Well, for me, having a personal blog is only for celebrities and famous people because they have more interesting life and many followers, unlike me, I’m just a regular person so who in the world would want to read my personal blog as my life is not that interesting compared to others that is why I decided to shift this to Basketball and Sneakers blog.

If you’re going to ask me, why did I choose Basketball and sneakers as the main theme of my blog, simply because I want to combine my favorite sports to my hobby and I must admit that I know a lot of things about Basketball and sneakers.

I’ve been playing and watching Basketball since I was in Grade 2 (1992), and I love watching NBA and Michael Jordan back then. He is like my favorite player of all time and if Chicago Bulls is not playing, I’d rather go somewhere else and do something instead, but when Chicago Bulls is playing and it is televised, I’ll watch it and after the game, will go outside, play Basketball and try to copy all his moves. During the mid and late 90’s, I discovered the beauty and artistry of what they call back then, rubber shoes.

During those times, I always ask my Mom to buy me a new rubber shoes/basketball shoes/sneakers because I really love wearing it. The famous sneakers back then were Jordan’s, Pippen’s, Payton’s Rodman’s, Penny’s and other Reebok and adidas sneakers. I always ask my Mom to buy me the latest Jordan sneakers but she can’t afford Jordan sneakers so I always get Pippen’s and Penny’s sneakers which were the next best thing after Jordans. I also started saving my allowance just to buy myself a new and fresh sneakers. I really love sneakers until now as you don’t see me wearing leather shoes even in formal events or if I am wearing an executive attire.

As of date, I have more or less 100 pairs of sneakers in my room.

I also love playing Basketball but just like what other people say, Basketball is not for me that is why I just watch Basketball games. NBA, PBA, UAAP, NCAA, amateur leagues, etc., you name it, I’ll watch it. I also considered myself a basketball critique, analysts, historian and even sometimes, a coach.



This blog will talk about Basketball and sneakers in general.

Basketball – some latest news in the world of Basketball, both internationally and locally. Will even talk about basketball players, arenas, events, Basketball stuffs and even Basketball movies. You’ll find anything about Basketball here for as long as I am interested to write about that certain topic.

Sneakers – latest news, pictures, release and other important stuffs in the world of sneakers but of course, I will only talk about Basketball shoes here. You will not find any other types of shoes aside for Basketball shoes. No brand specific and again, if I am interested to write, to talk about or if it’s blog worthy, you will find it here in my blog.


That’s it. Make sure to visit my blog regularly and feel free to contact me at mikez.ancheta@gmail.com


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