Steve Nash Is Heading To LA

Steve Nash is heading to Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers in that case and he is teaming up with Kobe Bryant.

Phoenix Suns agreed to a sign-and-trade deal that will give Steve Nash a three-year deal worth $27 million and in return, the Suns will get Lakers’ 2013 and ’15 first-round draft picks and their 2014 and ’15 second-round selections. The Lakers also paid the Suns $3 million to facilitate the trade.

Here is a tweet from Phoenix’s Sports 620 KTAR talk show host, John Gambadoro

Steve Nash is looking for a team located to his children as Nash is already divorced with two daughters and a son, that’s why he wants out from Phoenix. The New York Knicks, Dallas Mavericks (re-uniting with his friend Dirk Nowitzki) and Toronto Raptors (the only Canada-based team in the NBA) offered him a deal.

Accoring to Nash’s agent Billy Duffy, “He’s ecstatic” and “He gets to be close to his children”

“His intention, as related to the Suns, was if he left that they would get value, that he would have the ability as his career was winding down to come to a competitive situation,” Duffy said. “But his most important aspect was his ability to be close to his children. He’s an hour from his children. I’ve never seen him happier because of that fact alone.”

Duffy said Nash briefly considered retiring at the end of last season.

“Everything in his mind was predicated on his children,” Duffy said. “It put me in an interesting situation because I knew that dynamic. It wasn’t about the most money. He turned down a lot of money and aspects of other deals for the well being of his family.”

“He was either going to go to New York or Toronto,” Duffy said. “He was comfortable with either situation.”

Whether the Andrew Bynum/Metta World Peace and Dwight Howard trade won’t push through, Lakers is still in good shape considering the fact the Nash is a great point guard with nice court vision and he can make his teammates and role players play good – look at what happened to Jared Dudley.

Nash is also asking his close friend, Grant Hill to join him in Lakers.

I think, this is a good trade for the Lakers as Nash is a really great player and a leader that can easily call the play and dish the ball to either Kobe, Bynum or Gasol.

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One Response to Steve Nash Is Heading To LA

  1. Chris Ross says:

    What. An. Absolute. Shocker. My mind was blown when I found out Steve Nash was going to Los Angeles. It’s going to be very interesting to see how he fits in with Kobe’s ball dominating ways but I think this is good for the Lakers. Instant contenders IMO. Nash should fit right in with the big men and, as usual, he makes everyone better around him. Another NBA season full of new storylines. Also, you think you could check out my blog cuz I’d love to hear what you have to say

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