Don Allado Slapped A Heavy Penalty By The PBA

Barako Bulls’ Center Don Allado was slapped 500,000PHP fine and a one conference ban by PBA Commissioner Chito Salud because of the negative tweets he published on his Twitter account.

This tweets came after Barako Bulls lost to Powerade Tigers in their do-or-die match up with a score of 99-95. Allado was irritated during that game with non-calls by the referees and saying the there is a game fixing in the PBA and the league’s referees control the game.

Here are the tweets of Don Allado that caused him 500,000PHP fine and one year ban suspension:

Allado made a Twitter buzz because of this and some of his followers tweeted back saying the he is brave enough to say what is really happening in the PBA right now and he should continue to fight for his rights and spill all he knows but he immediately filed an apology to the PBA and saying that there is no game fixing the league but even though he sent an apology to the league, the PBA Commissioner still slapped him with penalty.

The 500,000PHP fine will be divided as follows: 300,000PHP will go to the players educational fund and 200,000PHP will go the charitable institution of his choice.

This is so far the stiffest penalty imposed to a player in the recent years.


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