Will Ferrell Introduces Chicago Bulls Starting Lineup

Funny man and one of my favorite comedian, Will Ferrell dropped by The New Orleans Arena and had a special guest announcer “cameo” before the New Orleans Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls match up.

Here is the video of it:

plus the transcript of his announcement:

• “He still lives with his mother – Carlos Boozer.”

• “He’s a Scorpio and is a terrible dancer – Joakim Noah.”

• “He collects rare birds and has a pet dolphin named Chachi – Luol Deng”

• “He once ate 20 hot dogs in an hour – Ronnie Brewer.”

• “His favorite movie is The Notebook – Derrick Rose.”

Will Ferrell is in New Orleans for quite some time now because he is filming he latest movie “Dog Fight” and it is nice to see him stop by in a NBA game and make some Guest Introduction to Chicago Bulls.

This thing is not new for Will because he also had a movie “Semi-Pro” about an ABA team and he is the Basketball Team Owner, player, coach and – announcer – in that movie.

The game ended not so funny for the Hornets and its fans as the Bulls demolished them with 90-67 final score even though Derrick Rose just scored 6 points – is it because he missed watching his favorite movie “The Notebook”?

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