Lebron James’ Alley-oop Dunk vs. Blake Griffin Monster Slam

The last two days was a great day for us NBA fans. We witnessed two great dunks from Miami Heat’s LeBron James and LA Clippers’ Blake Griffin.

Just in case you missed the dunks because you live in a cave, don’t care that much about basketball or doesn’t have a TV or internet connection in you house or office. Here are the videos of this out of this world dunks:

Fans, bandwagoners, haters and critiques are debating right now on which dunk is better so let’s take a look and analyze both dunks.

First, Lebron James’ alley oop dunk. It’s a pass from Dwyane Wade and he jumps over John Lucas. James is 6’8″ Forward and he jumps over a Lucas who is a 5’11” Guard and if you’re going to check the video, Lucas isn’t even aware that Lebron dunks over him.

Now, let’s see Blake’s dunk. It’s heads up dunk over a  6’10”; 270lbs Center Kendrick Perkins. In Basketball term, it’s an “in-you-face slam dunk”

My verdict? I’ll go with Blake’s dunk, simply because of the difficulty of the dunk. It is harder to dunk colliding with a massive 6’10” 270lbs player compared to a 5’1″ skinny player so I agree to whoever say that this is by far, The Best Dunk of the Year but for me, this is the Blake’s Best Dunk in a Basketball Game…….so far.

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